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Reasons why companies are not selected and postponed until next Angel Forum.

-- Unclear what stage the product/service is at:  a concept? or half built? or fully operational? in beta tests? or some sales? or sales of $1+ million?

-- Unclear as to the uniqueness of the product/service and the value proposition and payback period to the buyer.

-- Lack of detail or answers to all of the issues asked on the Company Profile form.

-- Lack of detail on valuation calculations and valuations that were too high coupled with small percent of ownership offered. Who are the top shareholders at what percent?

-- Attendance at a preparation workshop such as Investor Ready, would have benefited many newer entrepreneurs.

-- No specific information on management's expertise and experience in the specific industry sector.

-- Not clear how big the market need is for the company to grow to a significant size and have a leadership market share.

-- No info on what the clear sustainable competitive advantage is and/or what is the barrier to entry by competitors and who the competitors are.

-- With volatile public equity markets, it is critical that your valuation be within range of investor expectations. Too high and they may not bother talking to you. The average pre-money valuation of pre-revenue companies that actually were funded by US & Canadian angel groups in 2014 and 2013 was $3 million. Private equity investors may prefer a near perfect Pre-Revenue company to be valued less than $3 million and Revenue companies to be valued at around 3x trailing revenue.  

Co-Investment / Syndication software: To facilitate co-investment by multiple investors, we are using a co-investment / syndication software called GUST to automate entrepreneur funding requests, deal management, and investor collaboration. Data is protected in a state-of-the-art network operations center and industrial grade encryption.

Selection: Your Company Profile Application can not be reviewed until we have your Company Profile, your Investor PowerPoint presentation and your paid registration. We will not follow up to remind you. All applicants are notified of their selection or deferral by email at least one week before the Forum date.

New Log-in: This is likely your first time using GUST, so do NOT use the UserID and Password from that you received before or during your registration payment.

Instead using the link just below, you will be asked to sign-up and create a username (your email address) and password (you select). Please note that password field is case sensitive, so be careful if you use capital letters.  You will then be able to fill out the standardized Entrepreneur Application Form. Please fill the application out completely. You may stop at any time and save your work, and come back through our website to finish at a later date.

Once your sign-up is submitted, several things happen automatically:

-- You will receive confirmation email that will contain a download link where you can later access your Application Form.

-- A private and secure “deal room” will be created. You can use the software to access this deal room. The deal room is the collaboration center between you and our investment group. You will be able to store deal related documents, exchange messages, create events, and see which investors are interested in your company.

-- A one-page PDF that contains all the application information will be generated. You will be able to preview this PDF during the application process and save it to your computer at anytime.

Use this link here to submit and later amend your company profile on GUST.

Save your work: If you have to temporarily leave your browser page or before logging out or closing your browser, please use the "save draft" button at the bottom of the Profile to save your work. Auto save kicks in every five minutes and saves the entire application. The "save draft" button is there just in case you want to save manually (without submitting) at any other point in the process. Both of these features display a confirmation once the save is successfully completed. For security reasons, you will be automatically logged out after 60 minutes. You can always log back in to update and amend at any time. Please note that we can not see your draft.

Submit your Application:  For us to see your company profile and related documents, please use the Application button as we can not see your draft.

Company Profile limit: There is a 3,500 character limit (approx 1 page), so do not copy and paste large amounts of text onto the Profile as this will lock-up your Profile. We suggest reducing the text to 5 or 6 lines of text before pasting. Each text field displays the number of characters used as you type as well as the maximum characters allowed.

Additional Information: To submit your required Investor Presentation and other optional documents, go to the bottom of the Company Profile page where you can upload these documents.  These files in our system will be over-written if you return later and upload a new version of the file. When your Company Profile is published to Registered Investors, they will be able to access these files also.

Publication: For Companies selected to present, your Company Profile can be amended up to 10 days before the Angel Forum date, but then it will be printed and combined into a Company Profile book that will be handed to all investors on the Forum day.

Subsequent Angel Forums: Companies not selected to present will be able to amend their Company Profile pages using the same User Id and Password, but will have to re-register to be considered for selection.

Problems? please email us.