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Presenting Companies - 2021


movr is a revolutionary exercise prescription app that measurably improves how your body moves and feels. We provide a movement assessment that guides a user journey to discover how they can best move in their body. In as little as 5 minutes a day, a user can enhance their feeling and function. With validation through research, investment from lululemon and collaboration with their innovations department, we are primed for expansive growth in 2021.


Supportbench is a customer support CRM for enterprise B2B companies. With decades of enterprise support experience, our founding team noticed a gap in the market for a solution that caters to companies with long term customer relationships that are high value and high touch.Supportbench is unique in that it was purposefully built to manage these valuable relationships to reduce costs, increase retention and find new opportunities turning support teams into revenue engines. Our target market felt the same way, which is why our customers and pipeline include FINCA international, USA Military, 3M, and Wolseley Canada.


Pounse is a Vancouver Startup founded in 2017 with a vision to humanize hiring for both employers and people. Pounse is a two sided platform: one guides people to build a smart & beautiful career profile, the other fosters collaboration and feedback with a talent management system for schools, recruiters and companies. Built from the resume out to the job ad, Pounse is the first ATS that isn't an ATS. Instead, it's a versatile talent platform that aims to grow into a robust one-stop career marketplace.


Robbox is an award-winning technology company that’s developing the first generation of Smart Digital Power Tools for the connected world. With plans to establish a full line of Smart Power Tools in the coming years, Robbox has chosen the Power Drill as it’s vertical for entry in a technologically lagging industry. Most recently, Robbox pre-launched their highly anticipated xDrill™ — the world’s first Smart Digital Power Drill — and generated over $200K in pre-sales. The xDrill™ boasts loads of smart features, integrated tools, and advanced controls — all accessible through the tool’s touchscreen. Through the use of 21st century technology, Robbox is revolutionizing the way people use and interact with their handheld tools.


Welcome to ReadyWhen - simple, secure and fast digital estate planning. If you pass away without planning your estate, it can cause a lot of complications and confusion for your loved ones. This can add an extraordinary amount of stress during an already stressful time. ReadyWhen helps you proactively protect yourself and loved ones with just a few simple steps. By providing an accessible and secure digital vault, you can now easily create your estate plan. With a step-by-step guide to help you identify and store the right information, your loved ones will be protected from the onset should the inevitable happen.

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