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Presenting Companies - November and December




Blimp is a search and collaboration platform for residential real estate transactions, targeted at consumers buying and selling homes. Blimp is a place for home buyers and real estate professionals, to communicate, collaborate and transact. The consumer experience is central to our vision. The consumer is prompted to build their ‘team’, being prompted to choose and bring the various professionals into the transaction via a task management system. 





Proskida makes, a sport and sensor agnostic performance analysis tool that helps committed athletes at all levels train smarter and improve faster. In sport, like many other industries, collecting data is not the problem - the challenge is finding the insights.'s unique approach lets athletes get more out of the sensors they already own by letting them quickly focus on the sections of their training that matter most to their improvement. 






BinBreeze is a circular economy startup out of Victoria, BC. The company manufactures a patent-pending 'Compost Powder' scientifically designed to be applied to kitchen food waste to eliminate fruit flies, compost odours, and make an improved soil for the home composter or municipal facility. BinBreeze has officially entered the Sobeys, Inc, and Canadian Tire Corporation buyer networks, and will be expanding rapidly through 2021.





TENZR, backed by the Mayo Clinic & Techstars, is transforming the $34B Physical Therapy industry by delivering physical therapy to the consumer. The patent-pending TENZR Health platform enables tele-Physical Therapy and provides real-time guidance and recovery monitoring via intelligent sensors and big data. The company just finished a pilot with customer satisfaction at 9.1/10, has a waitlist of customers, and is preparing for a full launch.






Miru Smart Technologies, formerly Click Materials, is a venture-backed advanced materials university spin-off based in Vancouver, BC. Miru's cutting-edge smart window technology is based on over 10 years of academic and industrial research on advanced thin films. Miru is taking this technology through strategic partnerships in the residential, commercial, and automotive sectors.  

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