Angel Forum details for Presenters

Company Application Process

  • Register online and pay the registration fee to apply for a presentation slot.
  • At the same time send a copy of your pitch deck and an executive summary (following this template) to
  • The selection committee will go over the applications and provide a written feedback report to all applicants about 2 weeks before the Forum. Once selected, the executive summary will be available online only to our registered investors. It can be updated at any time.
  • Keep in mind that on average we receive about 40+ company applications, only a maximum of 18 are selected.
  • Companies that didn't make the cut this time will be refunded $450.
  • Companies invited to present will be offered pitch coaching.

The Angel Forum Day

  • During the Angel Forum, companies each deliver a 10 minute "live" presentation to 50+ investors, followed by a maximum of 10 minutes for Q & A.
  • Please restrict your pitch deck to about 10-15 slides and avoid too much text. Being crisp and visual gets results.
  • We are looking into setting up one on one meetings with companies and interested investors to discuss the investment opportunity and your existing investor will take feedback on your behalf.
  • Interested investors are then invited to sign up for company follow up meetings after the forum day.
  • All companies attending have access to a table booth (3 x 5ft display table) in a separate room where you can demonstrate your product & services all day during networking breaks, lunch and wine reception to approximately 100+ attendees. You are encouraged to bring your marketing materials, banner and actively engage with investors.

After the Angel Forum Day

  • The next day, the Angel Forum connects by e-mail the company and investors who have expressed an interest in attending the company follow-up meeting to be led by an existing or potential investor known as the "Deal Lead".
  • Interested investors use our co-investment/syndication software to manage the due diligence, meetings and syndication process between themselves and the company.

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