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Presentation Format

Over one day in one presentation rooms, ~18 companies from Low to Mid tech, Services, Life Sciences, E-Commerce, Communications, IT Hardware & Software, Clean-Tech, Alternative Energy and Media sectors will present in simultaneous streams organized by industry sector. Each company delivers a 10 minute "live" presentation (plus 4 minutes for investor questions) to 50+ investors. Then a 5 minute investor-only debrief follows. Investors can select which industry sector they wish to listen to.

The Company Registration Fee is tax deductible and includes attendance by one presenting person. You bring your presentation with you on the day as your registration also includes the use of a desktop PC (using PowerPoint PC software with DVD, CD, USB, floppy drives and good speakers mounted on computer cart) connected to an overhead projector system. Using your laptop and internet to make your presentation is not recommended due to potential connectivity problems with the projector/internet, investor focus on your internet product / service and therefore a resulting lack of focus on the investment 

Networking / Exhibit

Exhibit: Included in registration is a 3' x 5' display table, available all day to each presenter in the exhibition room. It is very important to bring and demonstrate a physical example of your product or service, in addition to your marketing materials. Wired or wireless internet connection in the exhibition room is available at your option for a fee. Most exhibitors bring their own portable self-standing signage and others bring a LCD or overhead projector / screen. At a minimum, bring a printed sign of your company's name on at least a 8.5" x 11" paper sheet and tape to your table. It is best to get out in front of your table so you can actively engage passerbys instead of sitting behind your table and wait for investors to ask you a question. Be proactive with anyone wearing a green (investor) name tag. To focus investors, all company name badges will be in the company name.


Average application time: 1-3 hours depending on your investor readiness (source: company attendees at previous Forums). Investors consistently comment on the need for more accurate historical and projected business and financial metrics, better company valuation data, more realistic funding goals, a simple capitalization table and how & when do investors exit their investment with what return on investment. 

Are you Investor Ready? If you are wanting to present at the Angel Forum and have not personally raised at least $500,000 from investors before, then attendance is almost mandatory at our Investor Ready or a similar boot-camp seminar. Investors say that poor preparation is the leading reason why they dislike presenting companies. 

Ask yourself: Do you know how to correctly value your company today? Our advanced Investor Ready workshops help entrepreneurs seeking equity to understand valuation and term sheets used by private equity investors. It is open to anyone who has attended our Investor Ready seminars or have private equity experience.  Attendee comments from last Investor Ready workshop:

  • Bill Payne has a particular knack of delivering his great knowledge of angel investing, worth the price of admission.
  • Great info, must have to complete a deal. 

Register early as these workshops are always full.

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