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The Annual Greg Smith Award – Investor and Company TEAM with the MOST GRIT

When it comes to entrepreneurship and investment, Greg Smith never lacked in grit. At BDC he supported companies so early in their journey, many would have coined them (and him!) crazy. Indeed, his investments included some of the earliest cash into companies like General Fusion and Copperleaf.

He went on to co-found Espresso Capital and then TIMIA Capital. With these ventures, he offered early entrepreneurs with a new way to access non-dilutive capital despite their early stage in development. Greg empathized deeply with the plight of the entrepreneur. He never just wrote a cheque. He was a partner in their path and has a history of sticking with them through thick and thin. It is for these reasons that the Angel Forum is very proud to launch the Annual “Greg Smith - Investor and Company TEAM with the MOST GRIT” award.

The Greg Smith Award is to recognize the investor/company team that stuck together to work through some of the more challenging moments that entrepreneurship inevitably brings. Too often there are stories of investing and giving up or misaligned expectations between angels and their companies. With this award, we uncover the stories of how a strong and committed team can work together and ultimately share in success.

This year, the Greg Smith Award went to Glenn Bindley of Redlen Technologies Inc. and investor Ralph Turfus. Redlen Technologies is the leading provider of multi-energy, X-ray imaging modules based on proprietary Cadmium Zinc Telluride imaging sensors. Their precision energy detection platform provides solutions to Global Fortune 500 companies in the medical imaging, security and non-destructive testing market segments. Ralph described the 20-year journey of the Vancouver Island based tech company and the importance of strong investor-entrepreneurs relationships through many ups and downs.