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Founded in 1997, Angel Forum is one of the longest serving angel networks in Canada and since September 2018 under new management. We are a non-profit organization and connect promising start-ups with accredited angel capital. At the same time we offer workshops to both entrepreneurs and investors. We provide a community for new or seasoned investors with our wealth of resources, knowledge, and opportunities. 

We have access to and work closely with angels from all over British Columbia and the USA and we collaborate with local organizations and are part of Canada's National Angel Capital Organization. Membership of Angel Forum is for accredited investors only and private meetings are exclusive for pre-registered investors and a select group of companies and event sponsors.


Upcoming Events

Western Angel Investment Summit - Victoria - February 20-21, 2020 in Victoria, Oak Bay Beach Resort. Our second summit we organize with Capital Investment Network in Victoria and supported by VIATEC.

Confirmed speakers and panellists in Victoria are:  Hans Knapp, Richard Egli, Jennifer Thompson, Hannes Blum, Jeanette JacksonJohn Robertshaw, Stephanie Andrew. More coming, stay tuned


47th Angel Forum in Vancouver - April 2, 2020 - SFU Harbour Centre


International Angel Capital Summit - for (international super) angels, angel funds and family offices in Whistler, BC - April 21- 24, 2020

The Whistler event will be hosted at Nita Lake Lodge

Confirmed speakers in Whistler are: Howard Lindzon, Jeff Pulver, Hans Knapp, Gautham Lohia, Elaine Kunda and Josh Siegel. More coming, stay tuned. 


Past Events

Angel Forum is focused on providing a platform for angels and entrepreneurs across British Columbia. We have launched regional events, the first one took place in Victoria in February 2019 which saw company pitches, keynotes, panel discussions as well as company visits. A summary of the event can be found here.

We have replicated this formula in September 2019 in Kelowna in collaboration with Accelerate Okanagan with Vancouver super angel Ralph Turfus and from Toronto Eva Lau as keynotes. A summary of the event is here

Welcome to Apply Ventures

As the 2019-20 season gets underway we are very happy to welcome Apply Ventures as one of our key sponsors, supporting our events and bringing great digital product and start-up insights to our events & membership.

Apply Ventures is a Vancouver based VC-studio, offering entrepreneurs critical services, advice, and expertise for building scalable businesses at the earliest stages. We deliver co-founder level impact to get you to product-market fit. Apply also invests in early-stage, technology-driven companies spanning fintech, Internet-of-Things, health and wellness, new media and entertainment. Apply Ventures is a part of Apply Digital

Why Angel Forum ?

"The Angel Forum is the best Angel group in Vancouver and they are playing a critical role in funding early-stage tech based companies in BC” - Tamer Mohamed, CEO, Aspect Biosystems


“ We had a great experience with Angel Forum and we presented at both their Victoria and Vancouver events in 2019. It gave us access to not only BC-based investors, but also Ontario angels who ended up committing to a significant portion of our first external financing " - Phil Mowatt, CEO, Interpodia


“The Angel Forum is a must for any BC-based entrepreneur. I received cheques from investors 2 out of the 3 different times I presented two companies” - Serge Salager, CEO VisualPing and RetargetLinks


I was really impressed with the quality of the companies presenting at the Angel Forum, as well as how well it was run. I ended up investing in one of the companies and never would have found them without the Angel Forum” - Doug T, investor


"Thanks for the valuable feedback on our company information as I can already see areas where we can improve our image to investors through your recommendations. This process has been hugely valuable in preparing us for investors”  - Mike Leslie, CTO, EyeSpy Innovations


"The Angel Forum workshops are incredibly valuable for the community - likely the best such educational sessions in the city”  - Jason Robertson, Nimbus Synergies 


"Angel Forum have one of  the best run events that we’ve attended and we appreciate them bringing various “info” sessions to entrepreneurs and investors – everyone wins and keeps the eco-system moving by providing ongoing access to pertinent knowledge and networking" - Elaine Allison, VP & Co-founder, Novelogics Biotechnology


"Angel Forum is the best angel funding event, from both a startup and investor perspective, in the Pacific Northwest. We raised $375k there in our last financing.” - Malcolm Kendall, CEO, Microbiome Insights


"The Angel Forum that Montie Power presented at, was one of the best I have been to, as we had 14 angel investors interested. Due Diligence and negotiations are in progress" - Greg Montie, CEO, Montie Power  


"Vonigo received $150k of early funding via the Angel Forum. This early investment led directly to our initial $1 million round, which has since been followed by subsequent investments. The Angel Forum played a key role in Vonigo's success and continues to do a great job supporting Vancouver's blossoming tech scene" - John Carter, Co-founder, Vonigo 


"Thanks for organizing the Angel forum.  I never would have connected with so many angels investors without it" - Michael  Gilbert, Founder & CEO,  Semios


Companies recently funded at Angel Forum

Cuboh                 Aspect Biosystems

Interpodia         Microdermics

Novelogics         CuePath

Netskrt               Phytonix

Agility FX            Ecoation

Orbitless              Limbic Media




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