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Welcome. Founded 20 years ago in 1997, it is the only Angel Forum™ in Canada that introduces emerging companies to private equity Angel Investors. We are a non-profit organization. Presenting companies have raised over $35 million directly through the Forum. See our latest video or video overview. We also offer financial workshops to entrepreneurs & investors (since 1998). 

As the oldest angel network in Canada with 50+ investors (from Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Bellingham, Seattle and USA), it is supported by leading BC organizations and belongs to Canada's National Angel Capital Org and US's Angel Capital Assoc. Our private meetings are exclusive for only pre-registered Investors, selected Companies and Sponsors, so regretfully no observers except volunteers. For alerts, please sign up >>> 

Rich Simons is the 2017 BC Angel Investor of the Year. He led the $4 million angel funding of Daiya Foods recently sold for $405 million where a $50,000 angel investment returned $1.4 million. 

Thank you to Angel Forum investors 

Angel Forum – Vancouver ranked 1st PLACE in Western Canada and 3rd in Canada, based on Numbers of Deals Completed in 2017.

Read more about 2017 angel investing in Canada: by National Angel Capital Organization


43rd Angel Forum was on April 18 - 18 pre-selected (criteria) companies presented ( to 70+ angel investors.  

44th Angel Forum coming Sept - October.  For alerts, please sign up >>>   

“The Angel Forum is a must for any BC-based entrepreneur. I received cheques from investors 2 out of the 3 different times I presented two companies”, Serge Salager, CEO VisualPing and RetargetLinks, June 2018


I was really impressed with the quality of the companies presenting at the Angel Forum, as well as how well it was run.  I ended up investing in one of the companies and never would have found them without the Angel Forum.”  Doug T, investor, 2018


"Thanks for the valuable feedback on our company information as I can already see areas where we can improve our image to investors through your recommendations. This process has been hugely valuable in preparing us for investors”.  Mike Leslie, CTO EyeSpy Innovations


"The Angel Forum workshops are incredibly valuable for the community - likely the best such educational sessions in the city” Jason Robertson, Nimbus Synergies 2018


"Angel Forum have one of  the best run events that we’ve attended and we appreciate them bringing various “info” sessions to Entrepreneurs and Investors – everyone wins and keeps the eco-system moving by providing ongoing access to pertinent knowledge and networking" Elaine Allison, VP Novelogics Biotech - 2017


"Angel Forum is the best angel funding event, from both a startup and investor perspective, in the Pacific Northwest. We raised $375k there in our last financing.”   Malcolm Kendall, CEO Microbiome Insights – 2017


"The Angel Forum is the best Angel group in Vancouver and they are playing a critical role in funding early-stage tech based companies in BC.”   Tamer Mohamed, CEO Aspect Biosystems - 2017


"The Angel Forum that Montie Power presented at, was one of the best I have been to, as we had 14 angel investors interested. Due Diligence and negotiations are in progress"   Greg Montie, CEO, Montie Power  


"Vonigo received $150k of early funding via the Angel Forum. This early investment led directly to our initial $1 million round, which has since been followed by subsequent investments. The Angel Forum played a key role in Vonigo's success and continues to do a great job supporting Vancouver's blossoming tech scene."  John Carter, CEO, Vonigo  

10 Companies funded by Angel Forum Investors in 2017 (+ 6 others in progress)


Aspect Bio








OKR Financial


For the cost of two coffees per investor meeting and Instead of entrepreneurs trying to find and meet with investors they don't know, we present the entrepreneur in one meeting to ~ 50 investors, saving everyone time. Do you fit the criteria? Are you Investor Ready?  

  1. A company wanting to present, submits their Profile on-line which if selected, is available privately on-line to 50+ pre-registered Investors, ~ 1 week before presentation and afterwards.
  2. Company also uploads / updates their Exec Summary, Video (short webcam get 70% more views) and Investor Pitch Presentation, for private access only by pre-registered investors.
  3. After the company has registered above (average cost of $500 – if not selected, all but $100 refunded), their information is reviewed and companies with the best chance of being funded, are selected. Advisors / consultants cannot attend the Forum.
  4. Accredited Investors are invited to join. An existing or potential Investor is invited to attend (no fee) to act as the company Deal Lead at the Forum and very importantly lead the Post Presentation Follow-up meetings.
  5. Critical that the CEO and Deal Lead investor, pre-sets before the Angel Forum, a couple of Post Presentation follow-up meetings that are within 2 days of the Forum, to invite interested investors to.
  6. Applying companies and investors are invited to a complimentary legal and tax workshop by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Harper Grey - venture lawyers, the afternoon before the Angel Forum.
  7. Companies demo their products (table included) to investors in exhibition room during the day of networking breaks & closing wine reception). Short info sessions are also be held.
  8. In the presentation room, 18+ companies have 20 minutes each to deliver to 50+ investors, a 10 minute presentation plus 4 minutes for Q&A, then a 5 minute Investor-Only debrief.
  9. Right after each presentation during the Investor-Only debrief, investors (including your Lead investor) discuss the company and determine who wishes to team-up to investigate further.
  10. During the Investor-Only debrief, very brief notes are taken on company strengths / challenges and then sent later to all presenters and investors.
  11. Within 24 hours, all investors (who tell us of their interest) are linked with each company and we encourage 2 - 4 investors to share the due diligence workload. 

Our private meetings or private online info are not a solicitation to sell or to buy any securities of the presenting companies. We are not a broker / dealer / advisor and are not registered with any regulators.

Allocadia closed on $1 million, including $300,000 directly from Angel Forum investors at the Angel Forum

“The results speak for themselves, Indel Therapeutics has raised almost $800,000 from investors we met at the Angel Forum. If you attend one angel event in the Pacific Northwest, it has to be the Angel Forum.” Malcolm Kendall, CEO, Indel Therapeutics Inc

"I was expecting to only raise $100-200K from the Angel Forum and we are rapidly approaching $1 million with $865k raised to date and more on the way. The only thing that slowed us down was our own paperwork on how much we could raise from this event. I have to go back to our lawyers to draft a larger term sheet." Eric Winsborrow, Shadow Networks (formerly ZanttZ Inc)

“Solegear Bioplastics presented at the Angel Forum and received $354,000 directly. In a challenging financial market, our expectations for the number, quality and capabilities of the investors at the Forum were greatly exceeded with 24 interested investors. The Angel Forum is a MUST for any entrepreneur looking to advance their technology venture.”  Toby Reid, CEO Solegear Bioplastics

"Angel Forum Vancouver is the best Angel meeting I've attended to date. Where most groups spend their time talking about investing, Angel Forum is serious and funds deserving companies. I found excellent investment opportunities, presenting in a well regulated format, with thoughtful review and discussion following each one. The best part - follow through with due diligence and investment. Angel Forum Vancouver is what I'm looking for in an Angel Investment Group!”  Gillian Muessig, Investor and Co-founder, President SEOmoz, Seattle.

"Thanks for organizing the Angel forum.  I never would have connected with so many angels investors without it" Michael  Gilbert, CEO SemiosBIO

 "The Angel Forum is about the best organized event I have attended (ranging from across Canada and the Pacific NW). And having the drumbeat going before and after is a real difference from most other events."   Christopher Procyshyn, CEO of VanRX Pharmasystems.

"I found that the investors in attendance at the Angel Forum were extraordinary - a well-informed group and asked relevant questions that added value to the overall presentation" Mark Kornak, Angel Investor.

"Over the past year we have attended a number of Investor/Entrepreneur events and I must tell you that the Vancouver Angel Forum is by far the most effective results oriented event in the country. Bruce Davidsen, Chairman, Protean Software 

"The Angel Forum was one of the more valuable events we’ve been part of this year. It gave us direct access to active investors and the opportunity to have real and honest discussions with them about our business." Natalie Sisson Co-Founder,  ConnectionPoint Systems Inc. 

"The Angel Forum is such a valued, professional resource and will refer anyone I know."  Melodi Wood, CEO


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