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9th Investor Ready™ workshop 

For Entrepreneurs & business Investors interested in "high growth / high profit" technology companies. 

This Discovery Foundation Technology Education Program features live speaker and panelists with Q&A, small group case discussions, 175+ page reference workbook, networking with experts and elevator pitch contest.

When and Where?  

Topics include small group case study, elevator pitches, local panelists covering the following (draft agenda); 

Financing Map & Options

What do Investors look for (Due Diligence)

The Art of Investor Presentations

Small group DD case study

Valuation of Pre-Revenue startups

20 second Elevator pitches by attendees 

Management, Management

Panel of 1-2 local investors & entrepreneurs


Who should attend: This full day workshop is for newer entrepreneurs and investors (or those wanting a refresher) who have a business or technology background with some knowledge of business finance. You are interested in high growth or high profit companies, are a first or second time investor or entrepreneur and have not attended an Investor Ready type of boot camp.  Highly recommended for anyone about to pitch to investors. You want to learn about raising or investing early stage capital. 

Why come? If you are planning to raise private equity or invest, ask yourself:

1.    What are the sources of money for a new company?
2.    How does one correctly value a private pre-revenue company?
3.    What areas of a startup company, require due diligence?
4.    What are the key ingredients of a pitch to investors?
5.    What attributes of management are important to investors? 
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Workbook for each attendee: 150+ pages of presentations, substantial reading materials, a comprehensive glossary, bios on each speaker and sponsor.

Networking: All attendees are asked to stand-up and introduce themselves in 20 seconds.  Great for networking as a list of attendees is not provided.

Previous Local Panelists:    

Workshop Leader: Bob Chaworth-Musters who has a 30+ year background in corporate / investment / international finance, started in 1997 the ANGEL Forum – BC, the first and largest angel group in Canada.  Since 1998, it has delivered 40+ full day workshops to 50+ people each on topics such as Angel Capital Overview, Due Diligence, Valuation of Pre-Revenue Companies, Term Sheets, Exit Strategies, Market Research and Board of Directors.  Since 2010, he has delivered 21 Investor Ready workshops throughout BC to 20 to 45 people each for Entrepreneurship@UBC, Accelerate Okanagan, BC Institute of Technology, Venture Kamloops as well as for Innovation Island in Nanaimo, Northern Development Trust in Prince George, KAST in Nelson and OSTEC in Kelowna.

Cost:  The full day version of these workshops usually sells out at $300 each in Vancouver, but the fee will now average $100. And you save on travel costs and time by not going to Vancouver. It includes a 150+ page workshop manual (of presentations, substantial reading materials, a comprehensive glossary, bios on each speaker and sponsor), WiFi, refreshments & snacks at mid morning coffee and lunch sandwiches. Payable by VISA or MasterCard, but not Amex.

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Recent evaluation comments: 

Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre (VIATeC) - half day workshop for both entrepreneurs and investors. 50% said the workshop was excellent and 45% said it was good. But 81% saying the workshop should be a full day, not a half day. 100% would recommend the workshop to their colleagues. 35% said that the half day workshop value was $120, 30% said $160, 25% said it was worth $200. Some comments on this workshop were:

  • Should be required part of BC Innovation's Venture Acceleration Program - VIATeC Entrepreneur in Residence.
  • Great Overview intro for initial angel investment
  • A must for any company seeking investment or any person considering investing
  • Very good overview of Early Stage investing  VIATeC Entrepreneur in Residence


University of British Columbia – full day for Entrepreneurship@UBC (mostly current graduate level and recent graduate level);  64% said that the workshop overall was excellent and the other 36% said it was good. 55% of who attended said they would pay $200 for this workshop and another 36% said $300 and 9% said $400. Some comments on the workshop were:

  • Excellent Overall - Workbook is a to-do list of steps to take.
  • Overall good quality,     Comprehensive 
  • Great course- anyone who wants angel funding, should take it.
  • Overall - really excellent 


Accelerate Okanagan - half day for JumpStart Competition; 
59% of the responses said that the workshop overall was excellent and 41% said it was good 
62% of the responses said they would pay $200 for the half day workshop, 8% said $250 and 31% said $100
. Some comments on this workshop were:

  • Great workshop, very useful information
  • Great content in boot camp to becoming Investor Ready
  • This content is invaluable,    Loved the case study
  • Great explanations of complex issues in a simple effective manner


BC Institute of Technology – half day for Venture Development Program;  45% said it was an excellent workshop and 55% said was a good workshop. 35% said they would pay $200 and 59% said they would pay $100 for the (half day) workshop, Some comments:

  •  Must attend for any serious entrepreneur.
  • Best session so far, well prepared, lots of dept, great handouts
  • Great information on investment requirements
  • Take it if you haven’t raised equity from Angels in the past

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Important to Workshop Attendees:

  • A workbook of the PowerPoint presentations and Articles is included for note taking.

  • Coffee/tea available early and mid-morning with cold drinks at mid-afternoon. Sandwich Lunch is included.

  • Seating is limited and is on a first completed registration basis. There is no on-site registration.

  • Only VISA and MasterCard credit cards are accepted to reserve a seat (no Cheques or Amex).

  • If payment is not completed online within 24 hours, a seat will not be reserved. 

  • Your payment will be receipted immediately via e-mail

  • You will receive by e-mail further details approx. 1 week before the Workshop date.

  • No refund within 60 days of the event date, but another person may attend in your place. 

  • Any refund (before 60 days of the event date) will be subject to a $25 fee (credit card refund fee & time) deducted from the refund.

  • Registrants who fail to attend will not receive a refund or credit.