For Entrepreneurs, the Angel Forum Process


  • Applications are invited from companies in Healthcare, Internet, Software, Hardware, Consumer & Business Products, Diversified, Services, Clean-Tech and New Media.
  • A Company submits on-line in a pre-set format, their Company Profile which is reviewed by the Angel Forum and then if selected, is available on-line only to Registered Investors. It can be updated at any time. 
  • You also submit on-line your own Investor Presentation and Executive Summary which are linked to your Company Profile and available to Registered Investors.
  • During the one day Angel Forum, ~ 20 companies each deliver a 10 minute "live" presentation plus 4 minutes for questions to 50+ investors. 
  • After each presentation, a 5 min investors-only meeting is held to discuss the investment opportunity and why your existing investor supports your company. Interested investors are invited to sign up for company follow-up meetings.
  • All companies demonstrate their products & services (using table top displays) all day at networking breaks, lunch and wine reception to approx. 100+ attendees.
  • During the coffee breaks, lunch and afternoon reception, companies are strongly recommended to aggressively network with all investors to obtain their contact details and to arrange follow-up meetings.
  • The next day, the Angel Forum connects by email, the company and all investors who tell us of their interest in attending the company follow-up meeting to be led by an existing or potential investor known as a Deal Lead.
  • Interested investors use our co-investment / syndication software manage the due diligence, meetings and syndication process between themselves and the company.


  • Why have an existing investor attend as our guest?
    “I believe that it is absolutely imperative that an existing investor represents the interests of your company, and articulates why he or she chose to invest in it, at the investor-only debriefing sessions and at the display tables afterwards. The investment that we received subsequent to the Angel Forum was largely due to the interest sparked by our existing investor’s supportive comments at the debriefing session.” - Zahir Abji, CEO GuardRFID