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HR | Recruiting | Immigration | Compliance. BLANKSLATE Partners is an HR consulting firm of HR and Business Growth experts committed to bringing enterprise-level HR knowledge to your business. We work in partnership with you so you can create a better, stronger workplace. Our firm helps you achieve your strategic HR goals while working within your company’s cultural values and operating procedures. Our flexible on-call services provide an in-house HR generalist’s benefits, without the employment costs or full-time commitment. We are committed to bringing enterprise-level HR knowledge to your business. Whether you need help with HR, Recruitment, Immigration, or Growth Management, we work in partnership with you to create a better, stronger workplace.

Harper Grey teams with start-ups, emerging and mature companies to help them achieve their objectives. Their focus is on providing counsel, guidance and creative and practical solutions.  Harper Grey's core strength in business law, corporate/commercial litigation, insurance law, administrative law, medical defence and health law have served as the foundation from which they have built many niche practices, enabling them to offer their clients a wide range of legal services.

InWest Ventures is a Vancouver-based Start-Up Business Cultivator and Boutique Angel Investment firm. InWest invests in seed- and early-stage companies with high growth potential. On average, we invest $50,000 to $250,000 per company over the life of the venture. Our flexibility allows us to partner from ideation through to exit. We invest in people first, partnering with the best of the best, connecting their ideas and placing them in a frictionless environment of innovative business builders and proven resources as a springboard into the North American market.

We are entrepreneurs at heart and in practice. We found and fund ambitious, category-defining new companies every year. Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have a passionate commitment to maximizing value for our clients. Collectively, our team has advised on more than 150 Start-up and Early-stage projects in 20 countries around the world.

Nimbus Synergies leads early-stage financings in innovative and complementary health technology companies in British Columbia. By bringing these companies together to share resources, industry specific knowledge, and relationships, Nimbus is accelerating their growth and increasing their likelihood of success. By investing Discovery Parks’ assets in startups focused on the intersection between life sciences and technology, Nimbus aims to improve health through BC-led innovation
OKR Financial OKR Financial operates a family of private funds since 2015 that provides non-dilutive financing solutions to Canadian SME’s by leveraging Federal & Provincial SR&ED tax credits and Government funded programs. Providing the pathway to equity financing for when companies are ready to scale up.

High-growth startup companies are the lifeblood of the Technology industry. Many of these fledgling companies that are experiencing rapid growth start out on their journey with Angel investment, then graduate through venture backed funding, and potentially eventual exit, on the road to becoming the technology giants they were designed to be. Along the way however they will also experience classic growing pains in the areas of audit and accounting, tax efficiency, corporate structure, trading globally, internal controls, and R&D tax credits, that so often accompany this growth. PwC assists emerging companies in all of these areas and across every technology sector, including software and internet, semiconductor, entertainment and media, clean technology, life sciences, VR/AR and  computing and networking, to help them navigate this journey as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Capital Pool Company (CPC) program, created and regulated by the TMX Group, is a unique  reverse merger listing vehicle for small-cap companies on TSXV. The program connects experiences investors with private companies by dividing the traditional IPO process in two steps: the creation of the CPC public vehicle shell and the Qualifying Transaction (QT).