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This module is a part of NACO Academy Module Series.

This highly reviewed webinar is geared to both entrepreneurs and investors. It will take place in one 2.5-hour session. This is a serious half day workshop, not a simple 1 hour overview and is primarily designed for founders and investors in startup to early revenue technology companies, seeking Seed or Series A stage funding.

Presenter: David Rowat

David is a thought leader in Board Governance for early-stage technology companies. He has 30 years C-level experience in hi-tech and served over 70 tech companies.

Description: This module will give you a sophisticated understanding of the crucial importance of a good Board and governance in investee firms, and the appropriate role of Directors in overseeing and supporting the management team and observing legal and common Board protocols. The course will also highlight important differences in Board governance specific to early-stage technology companies.

Overview: Once the entrepreneur has brought in outside investors, there are four main groups of stakeholders whose often conflicting objectives need to be reconciled: investors, shareholders (i.e. founders who are shareholders but may not be investors), executives (who may be different people than founders) and the Board of Directors.

Confusion and a general lack of understanding around the responsibilities of these stakeholders can impair the performance of early-stage technology companies, whereas an experienced, well-managed Board can better oversee and advise management. Board governance defines the roles and responsibilities of the Board and executives.

This Module outlines for entrepreneurs and Directors Board structure, the principles of good Board governance, and the unique requirements for early-stage technology companies and entrepreneurs. It will also give angels and founders guidance on how to play a positive and effective role as a member of a Board of Directors of a technology company as it grows and matures. Learning objectives

By the end of this module the angels and executives will be able to:

  • Understand the roles and requirements for Boards, Directors and executives 
  • Serve as productive and value-added Board members
  • Contribute to productive and well-run Board meetings
  • Understand the changing requirements for Boards and Directors as the company grows
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Board and Governance Webinar
24 Mar 2021
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24 Mar 2021
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25 Mar 2021
9:00am - 11:30am PDT

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