For Vancouver Startup Week we are pleased to have combined forces with Harper Grey for this workshop on the Pro and Cons of Common Equity vs Preferred Equity vs SAFEs vs Convertible Debt.

Join Steve Lukas and Prentice Durbin of Harper Grey in this interactive 2 hour workshop 

In this workshop you will learn answers to:

  • What is a SAFE?
  • Why do US investors require Preferred Shares?
  • Why do experienced Investors dislike Convertible Debt or a SAFE?
  • What type of shares should Founders subscribe for?
  • Why is Convertible Debt ineligible for BC's 30% investment refund program?
  • Why a Valuation Cap on Convertible Debt, negates its whole purpose
  • What Discount should early investors get on SAFE or Convertible debt?
  • Will VC Funds honour a previously agreed Discount to early SAFE investors?

Speakers include:

  • Steven Lukas, Associate Counsel and Co-chair, Business Law Group, Harper Grey LLP
  • Prentice Durbin, Associate Counsel, Harper Grey LLP

This workshop is for investors and founders. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the types of equity based capital instruments. 

Register for tickets here: Vancouver Startup Week

29 Sep 2020
8:30am - 10:30am PDT

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